Andy Harding
Andy Harding, or Andreas Gyllström, is a 20 year old producer from Sweden.He started producing in a really early age. He was only 15 years old when he first began his first projcect. At the beginning he was just messing around, but after a few years of playing, people started to get to like his music. His first release in 2006 was a UK Hardcore track and he had a few follow-ups. After a while he got tired of how the Hardcore scene developed. One year after his first release, he got in contact with electro house and got stuck. He finally found a substitute. After a few songs, everything started to make sense. He got really great feedback from friends, labels and other people in the scene. Producing along with his studies to become an airline pilot makes him a very special young producer. Some people would call it, one of a kind...

First Appearance:
Andreas Gyllström
Andy Harding, Fuckah


Artist: Andy Harding
Title: Avionics Bay
Label: Encoded Green
Cat-No: EG005
Style: Electrohouse
Tracks: 2